CB AIO NB PM A 2000x2000 1

All in One – Newborn cloth nappy

This nappy is perfect for tiny bottoms and can be used from day dot. With the absorbency layers stitched in, all you have to do is pop it on your baby and off you go.

CB OSFM WG A 700x700 1

One size fits most – Modern cloth nappy

With adjustable snaps and two absorbency boosters, this super versatile nappy will get you through to toilet training. 

All in one – AIO

Newborn – 4 months

CB AIO NB DB A 1500x1500
CB AIO NB MN A 1500x1500
CB AIO NB PL A 1500x1500
CB AIO NB WG A2 1500x1500
CB AIO NB PM A 1500x1500

One size fits most – OSFM

4 months – 2.5 years

CB OSFM DB A 1500x1500
CB OSFM WG A 1500x1500
IMG 4490 1500x1500
CB OSFM PL A 1500x1500
CB OSFM MN A 2 1500x1500

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